Obligatory Introduction Post

No website is complete without the obligatory introduction post, right?

So, hi! I’m Rebecca. I am the face behind The Approachable Beekeeper.

Some Facts About Me:
  • I am a 2nd generation (twice removed) beekeeper – my great grandfather Hobart was also a beekeeper.
  • I live on 10 acres of woods and prairie in Central Illinois.
  • I’m working my way through the Midwest Master Beekeeper Certification program.
  • I am a certified Michigan State University Pollinator Champion (this basically means I can give awesome presentations about pollinators!)
  • I am constantly seeking certifications, taking classes and webinars, and reading scientific studies and books to expand my knowledge.
  • I have a small homestead in addition to my bees that includes chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits and an ever-expanding garden.

I love learning about all things bees, bugs, pollinators and conservation and sharing that knowledge. I will touch on all of these topics on this website, on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram page @theapproachablebeekeeper – so go ahead and give me a follow on all three to stay up to date with the latest!

If there is ever a topic you want to see me cover, you have a question or you want to book me for a presentation feel free to contact me via the contact form on this webpage, through Instagram or at theapproachablebeekeeper@gmail.com – I am here for YOU and always willing to help.

Now I encourage you to start with my Introduction to Beekeeping post to get the basics! I will continue to update posts with links to other posts and videos to keep the information flowing and easy to navigate.

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